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An evidence-based approach makes us rich online. Through insights about the users, we can build your brand and increase sales. I offer all kinds of usability studies, expert reviews, analysis of web statistics, eye tracking, and A/B testing.

1000+ users studied

After conducting nearly one hundred studies I have met over a thousand users and studied their actions, second by second, in the most critical moments for conversion. This has given me deep insight into how users function in situations that make or break for your service. Knowledge of user behavior makes me effective in my work as a designer, and analysis is always an integral part of my design process.

Every successful digital service is designed to fit users’ motivations and needs, but because the Internet makes the majority of users anonymous, we need to actively invite our customers to be able to measure their opinions, feelings and attitudes. Then we can find a direction in which to move forward and ensure that we have succeeded in the design of the service.

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Eye Tracking

Since 2009 I have specialized in usability tests with eye-tracking cameras. With unique Swedish technology, the camera sees exactly where a user fixes his eyes. The eye movements help us understand why users behave as they do on the internet and we get a clear roadmap of how we can solve usability problems. The eye-tracker allows you to see what your customers are thinking!

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Analytical methods in the design process

For me, analysis is a design tool, and including the results into the design process means that we do not have to guess. Analysis of web statistics, usability tests and A/B tests interacts with concept development and design in a natural way. Here are the major analytical steps that contribute to a successful design process:

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You may want to try before start a project with a new deisgner. Then you’ve come to the right place! Now you can get a free review and analysis of your site, app or e-commerce application. The only thing you need to do is tell us a little bit more about your service and describe your current challenges! But, hurry up, the number of free analysis is limited!

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