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To educate, lecture and inspire development is a significant part of my business. The core of my message is the craftsmanship behind digital innovation, communication and leadership. You can meet me at industry events, corporate training and design schools.

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The Analytics Days, the UX Open, World Usability Day and Nordic eCommerce Summit and at IKEA headquaters are some of the places I have held lectures. For years, students at design schools, e.g. Hyper Island and Berghs School of Communication have received training in the latest technology. Many know me best as the “sketch man” after having trained over two thousand people in techniques of interactive sketching.

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    All organizations need an injection of inspiration now and then. In the lectures, I share with you the latest industry updates, personal insights and experiences as an entrepreneur in the IT world.

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    Interactive sketching

    To instantly be able to express ideas on a whiteboard or on paper, so that the entire project team can be engaged, is an obvious tool in every innovator's toolkit.

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    Trigger Mapping

    Learn how to create a complete digital strategy on an A4 sheet. A trigger map visualizes with simplicity and clarity how value flows through your digital business.

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    Customized training

    Through customized training you get insight into the specific methods and strategies that I have developed over the years as a designer and usability expert.

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    I offer concentrated, tailored courses for your skill development in digital innovation and leadership, and also coaching of entire project teams.

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    To educate a large amount of people, it may be good to develop a customized e-education course. Participants can than take the course online at their own pace.

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