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Every aspect of your business today has a digital dimension. As a UX Design and digital innovator I help you improve your position on the internet. With a passion for usability and effective design methods I design sites, apps and e-commerce applications that create long term value!

Digital transformation

Improving user experience is about more than visuals. We all take for granted that a system, app or web service is simple, effective and fun to use. All businesses will sooner or later have an online presence and digital design is a tool to achieve business goals.

Realizing a company’s digital vision is a team effort and when you hire me as a designer and digital innovator, I will not rest until you see revenue flowing in the right direction.

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Watch your new digital solution come to life

In workshops of conceptual sketches we sketch the components of your system in a visual dialogue.
Hand-drawn sketches are my hallmark in the work of communicating ideas, capturing visual images and inventing functions and solutions. The sketches save resources, create interesting and constructive dialogue and make us think brilliant thoughts together.
The sketches are consolidated into user scenarios and storyboards which capture the customer's path through the final product. By explaining the sketches, a concept specification is created, that in many cases can replace traditional and cumbersome requirement-documents.
It is easy for everyone to follow the process because everyone in the project team can contribute without having any technical expertise.
Using only whiteboard, we can create in one hour what would otherwise take weeks to arrive at.

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Digital strategy and trigger mapping

Create a complete digital strategy on A4 paper! The trigger mapping method involves charting the company’s business objectives and the customers’ inner desires to identify flows of value in your digital systems. Strong digital business is born in the intersection of these two dynamics.

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Innovation management

After completing hundreds of digital design projects, I know that success requires a new approach to the design process. Classic, agile project methods are too cumbersome and prevent us from working innovatively the moment we discover a need.

How I lead innovation projects
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Enable technical development

Technological development often involves complex projects where multiple technology tracks are interdependent. In a project, we are also in a learning process, where the target image changes with every step we take. To include me as an innovator can add security and ease to a project.
I can help you in dealings with all kinds of development teams, actively participating in problem solving and quickly capturing emerging changes that need to be made. I can also recommend cooperation with my development partner in Ukraine.

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You may want to try before start a project with a new deisgner. Then you’ve come to the right place! Now you can get a free review and analysis of your site, app or e-commerce application. The only thing you need to do is tell us a little bit more about your service and describe your current challenges! But, hurry up, the number of free analysis is limited!

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