• Seminars & Workshops

    Seminars & Workshops

    To preach what I practice is equally as important to practice what I preach. I there for offer seminars and workshops for design and media agencies as well as Berghs School of Communication is...

    Speaker & Teacher
  • Business development

    Business development

    People spend more and more of their lives connected. This gives rise to an increasing demand for interactive products and services. I help companies adapt their business to be successful in meeting...

    Speaker & Teacher
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  • Mårten is full of energy and great ideas, I would recommend him in a heartbeat!
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  • It’s genius in its simplicity!

    It’s genius in its simplicity!

    Mårten assisted our department at Försäkringskassan with a seminar in how to use hand drawn sketches in interactive production. The seminar was great fun and I was amazed how fast we were able to...

    Interaction Design
  • Will front page carousels improve your conversion rate?
  • Mårten helped us find new ways of doing business!

    Mårten helped us find new ways of

    We have had the pleasure to work with Mårten in a series of workshop in order to improve our business. During the workshops we have been analyzing different product concepts that would impact how we...

    Speaker & Teacher
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