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The passionate UX-designer from Sweden with a focus on communication between people. Get to know me a little bit better!

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As a 19-year-old high school student at the Graphic Education Center in Uppsala, I started my first design agency. With a craft tradition in classical typography from the school, an interest in communication and the ability to see opportunities, it was natural to put my skills to use in different business ventures, with Uppsala University, local businesses and nightclubs as clients. Since then I have been running my own company.

The power and potential of digital design dawned on me in 1997, when I was part of designing one of Sweden's first online newspapers. Two years later, in the gold rush of the IT boom, I became a UX designer, heart and soul. On the web agency Drax Industries, I developed a postal counter for the Swedish Post, and when the counter came back from the developers and it worked, I experienced a huge rush of joy. I understood that I could contribute to in a useful way, create enjoyment and affect people's lives.

That was the start of a career as a UX designer and usability expert, where craftsmanship and agency experience meets entrepreneurship.

The passion to create products and services that are beautiful, fun and easy to use has since then led to collaborations in hundreds of projects ranging from start-ups to established multinationals. Among other things, I had the honor of working with Amazon, IKEA, AJ Products, Tradera, Ginza, Klarna, Statoil, Julia Bakar and Tidningskungen.

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Curriculum vitae

Mårten's resume

  • Jan 2011 – Ongoing
    Whiteport, Digital innovator

    Design collective functioning as a virtual web agency. Started with 8 designers all over Sweden and one designer in Berlin. Whiteport takes all kinds of digital design projects. Through partnerships with development companies in Ukraine and Poland, we also offer technological development, thus delivering products across the entire spectrum of digital development.

  • Jan 2000 – 2005
    A walk in the park, UX-Designer

    At the turn of the millennium I started a freelance network of entrepreneurs who worked with new media. The collective worked as a virtual design studio and consisted of 13 designers, copywriters, developers and project managers who were all involved in creating new web sites.

  • Oct 1995 - Jun 1996
    Tidskriften Konstvärlden. Designer.

    At age 22, I got the prestigious assignment to shape the world’s largest art magazine at the time. Stacks of photographs and manuscripts on paper would turn into an attractive product for store magazine shelves.

  • Mar 1993 – 2000
    Mårten Angner Interface & Design, Art director

    Only 19 years old, during the last year of my education in graphic design, I started my own freelance business. In the beginning, customers were mostly small local businesses and clubs in Uppsala and Stockholm, but also institutions at Uppsala University and an international business organization.

  • Mar 2007 – Mar 2008
    inUse AB, UX-Designer

    One of Sweden's leading consulting companies that focuses on usability. Because of my background as a designer, I was hired to work on design and usability for extensive IT projects for both large multinationals and government agencies. At InUse I learned to master the effect control method, which has since served as a central theme in my work as an usability consultant.

  • Okt 2005 – Mar 2007
    Eniro Sverige AB, Webb designer och Interface designer

    Eniro AB published the Swedish telephone book and provided the first inquiries online. The company gave me the opportunity to work with user interface in a variety of projects where I could leave an imprint on products for both individuals and businesses, as well as social networking.

  • 2004 – Feb 2005
    Backbone Consulting AB. Interaction designer.

    The company had for more than 15 years developed CRM systems to support its customers’ sales and marketing. My role was to develop the most important application from scratch, to create a modern look and feel while making it more accessible and easier to use.

  • Feb 2005 – May 2005
    Mobispine AB. Interaction designer och art director.

    I was invited to develop interfaces for a messaging service for mobile phones. In addition to interfaces for the company's digital products, I developed a logo and a graphic profile program, as well as the company website and marketing material.

  • Feb 1999 – Jul 1999
    Drax Industries. Digital art director

    As an employee of the stock exchange comet Drax, I designed both Web and printed materials. This included working with usability and "user interface design". One of the projects was to design the first web site that enabled customers to book tickets online for SF Cinema, the largest cinema company in Sweden.

  • Nov 1997 – Jan 1999
    ETC production. Art director abour web-production

    ETC is a well known and respected magazine, focusing mainly on culture and politics. It was started by journalist Johan Ehrenberg during the 1980’s. The business grew, and in the late 90’s the company had developed into "a full service publishing company" and a design agency for all types of media. My task was, among other things, to design the magazine ETC when it was first published on the web, and updating the magazine every week.

  • Mar 2009 – May 2009
    Berghs School of Communication. Course coordinator, evening course for design professionals

    A ten-week evening course in interactive marketing and design. The target group consisted of designers and copywriters who had experience in analog design and marketing, who wanted to develop their knowledge and experience of interactive media. The course was highly appreciated and all the students gave it a rating of 4 or higher on a 5-point scale. Because of the positive evaluations, Bergs School of Communication decided to offer the course in the following spring semesters.

Military service
  • Nov 1994 – Jan 1996
    The Royal Swedish coastal fleet

    Swedish compulsory military service, which I did in the coastal fleet as a photographer at the Berga Naval Base. Due to my background as a graphic designer, I was also tasked with designing many current publications and make the first digitization of the Navy's graphic profile.

  • Aug 1990 – May 1994
    Senior high school

    At the Graphic Education Center in Uppsala, I got a high school education in Print Media, which gave me unique knowledge of typography, among other things. With teachers from the Almqvist & Wiksells classic printing company, we had to learn everything from typography and analog printing to desktop publishing and graphic production with Quark XPress, Illustrator and Photoshop. For my graduation project, I was the designer for a new, experimental magazines in full color in Stockholm from March to May 1994.

The joy of developing digital products and services that create value for both clients and users drives me to constantly develop as a designer and as a person. All my work comes out of a vision of helping people to communicate on a global scale. The world today needs talented designers who are passionate about their work and about innovation. Therefore I am now sharing everything I have developed and everything I know in a personal leadership program for creatives.